SAEFVIC general support

Reports are only accepted online. Reports via telephone, fax or email will not be accepted. To report an AEFI for yourself or a patient please visit SAEFVIC for reporting guidelines and instructions.

For information on which symptoms following immunisation should be reported refer to SAEFVIC.

The SAEFVIC team will assess reports and provide clinical follow up when considered appropriate. Please note that not all reports to SAEFVIC will receive follow up.

At times SAEFVIC can experience increased demand on their services and this can result in delays in responses.

SAEFVIC is unable to contact the reporter/vaccine recipient if consent to contact has not been provided in the report.

SAEFVIC is a reporting service and not an emergency contact. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9am – 4.30pm.

Anyone who experiences symptoms of concern or a severe adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) should first seek medical attention from a health professional.

AEFIs can be reported by the parents/guardians or vaccinated individuals, immunisation provider or any health professional who reviews the individual following their AEFI. For more information on reporting an AEFI, refer to SAEFVIC.




SAEFVIC 2022 influenza vaccination support

Afluria® Quad vaccine is contraindicated in children the open disclosure process as well as made aware of the potential side effects and how to manage them. The error should also be reported to SAEFVIC as soon as possible.

If a second influenza vaccine is required for this season, an age-appropriate brand should be used to complete the course. For further information on influenza vaccine recommendations refer to MVEC: Influenza.

Fluad®Quad and Fluzone High Dose Quad are both adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccines (QIV), only registered for use in older adults (Fluad Quad ≥ 65 years , Fluzone High Dose Quad ≥ 60 years).

Where a vaccine is administered outside of the recommended age range, the vaccine recipient should be advised of the error following the open disclosure process, informed of the potential for increased local side effects due to the adjuvant in the vaccine and advised how these side effects can be managed. This error should also be reported to SAEFVIC.

If a patient aged ≥ 60 years old (including those aged ≥ 65 years) has already received a dose of a 2022 standard QIV vaccine they do not need re-vaccination or booster dosing with an adjuvanted influenza vaccine.

SAEFVIC does not provide medical exemptions for influenza vaccines. Vaccine exemptions can only be provided by an approved list of health care professionals to individuals who meet a limited set of criteria

You can find more information on exemptions here.

SAEFVIC COVID-19 vaccination support

Anyone who has experienced a significant adverse event following a a COVID-19 vaccine should first have their adverse event reported to SAEFVIC. They should then be referred to VicSIS for review and management of future COVID-19 vaccination. For further information on what constitutes a significant AEFI and the referral criteria for specialist immunisation services, refer to VicSIS.

The only two absolute contraindications to vaccination are anaphylaxis to a previous dose of the same vaccine or anaphylaxis to a component of the vaccineThere are also a small group of specific medical conditions for each COVID-19 vaccine brand, precluding some individuals from receiving that brand. These individuals can still receive vaccination with alternate vaccine platforms.

A medical exemption can only be approved by authorised practitioners.  SAEFVIC, MVEC and VicSIS Central are unable to provide medical exemptions. Following a VicSIS appointment with an immunisation specialist an exemption may be provided if deemed clinically appropriate. Due to significant waiting time for VicSIS appointments, referring clinicians may need to consider providing patients with a temporary exemption where clinically indicated whilst they wait for a VicSIS appointment.  

It may be appropriate for your GP to provide short-term vaccine exemption until it is determined if it is safe to proceed to routine vaccination or if a longer temporary exemption is required. You can find more information on exemptions here.

For further information on VicSIS referrals and appointments please refer to the VicSIS support FAQs.

SAEFVIC vaccine error support

Cold chain breaches occur when vaccines are stored incorrectly, either outside the recommended temperature ranges or are exposed to light. Breaches in the cold chain can impact vaccine effectiveness and leave vaccine recipients unprotected.

Vaccines affected by a cold chain breach must not be used or discarded but should be isolated until further advice can be sought. Cold chain breaches must be reported to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.

COVID-19 vaccine cold chain breaches must be reported to the Commonwealth Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) via phone: 1800 318 208 or email:

Non COVID-19 vaccine cold chain breaches in Victoria must be reported to the Victorian Department of Health.

If a vaccine that has been exposed to a cold chain breach is inadvertently administered to an individual, this is considered an error and must be reported to SAEFVIC (if the breach occurred in Victoria).

A vaccine error occurs when a vaccine is stored, prepared or administered incorrectly.

All vaccine errors should be reported online via SAEFVIC and clinical advice sought as soon as possible.

For clinical guidance on the management of COVID-19 vaccine administration errors, please refer to ATAGI clinical guidance on COVID-19 vaccine administration errors.

When a vaccine administration error occurs, affected individuals must be informed, following the open disclosure process.

COVID-19 vaccines administered past the expiration or use-by date must be reported to the Commonwealth Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) as soon as possible for advice via phone: 1800 318 208 or email:

Administering a COVID-19 vaccine outside of the expiry or thaw “use by date” is considered an error and must be reported to SAEFVIC (if the breach occurred in Victoria).

For further information refer to the ATAGI clinical guidance on COVID-19 vaccine administration errors.

SAEFVIC website support

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Every SAEFVIC report has a unique  reference number. (Eg: V00101-055555.)

To find out the reference number of the required report please contact SAEFVIC here and include the vaccinees full name and date of birth. A member of the SAEFVIC team will be in touch.

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